Excellent!! Good Click!!   If that was a little tough let me give you some pointers.
Moving the mouse
First, remember that the mouse must be touching a surface to make it move. Therefore if you lift it off the desk it won't move. What this also means is that if you're stuck against something (like the keyboard) you can pick the mouse up and put it down in another spot without moving the pointer on the screen. Try it -- lift the mouse off the table top. Is the arrow on the screen moving when you move the mouse around?
Second, remember that pushing the mouse forward moves the pointer up the screen, pulling it toward you moves the pointer down the screen, and moving it to the left or right moves the pointer left or right on the screen.  The mouse should stay straight up and down. If you turn it the pointer won't move the way you think it will.
First,  if you move the mouse, even a little, when you're clicking you might see something that looks like this. If you do, it means you moved the mouse when you clicked. If you see it just click on the link again until it works. Just remember you can't move the mouse when clicking on a link.
Second, when you click you don't want to hold the mouse button down for too long. If you do, you'll be telling the computer to do something else.
Third, when you are going to click keep your eyes on the screen. You'll want to look at the mouse, but don't. Think of it this way -- when you're driving a car are you looking at the steering wheel or out the windshield?

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